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Friday, June 27, 2008

Yeah - Got my Mojo back!!!

I did manage to do the photo challenge I wrote about on Tuesday's post, although I think I would have done better with it if I weren't so distracted! Long story that still hasn't ended so I won't jinx myself by posting about it but suffice it to say that Tuesday's photos definitely sum up what June 2008 has been all about for me. Please keep your fingers crossed and if you pray, I could really use some prayers about this "mysterious" endeavor. (And I promise I will share the news if it actually comes into fruition.)

And as for my mojo - My muse jumped out of the box along with this awesome Bad Girls Project kit that I received and assembled last weekend. She even decided to make herself at home for a bit and hung out long enough to inspire me to turn a little round Brie box into a really cute little storage container. I love how it turned out and will post a picture of it as soon as my camera batteries re-charge. (Don't you hate when your camera batteries die when you need them!)

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Martha ~ xpetunia said...

Gorgeous box Jen! I'm glad your mojo is back -- I hate it when it goes on vacation too, lol! I will pray for your "mysterious endeavor" to work out, whatever it may be. (((crackhead)))